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Exceptional Erotic Poetry..xx

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Home Sweet Home (this is an excerpt only from my soon to be completed Erotic Horror Poery Collection, Tales from City Noir).


Home sweet Home!


hours minutes

seconds days

in China town, now

nearly home..


Typed the code

the door opens

the emptiness of my apartment mocks me

as it always does

when I get home

from a night out

or a night on the job.

hours minutes

seconds days


No sound.

Drab mid afternoon light

smudged by thick curtains

made the lounge room

and the kitchenette

like some tomb hidden from the world

dishes still in the sink

I hadn’t clean the ashtray

or opened a window in days


couldn’t remember the

last time I was here

still so groggy from the hospital

all those stupid, inane questions

from the Coppers, from the press…

how long had I been walking those

streets for a…

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