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Taking Our Streets Back

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I will almost bet when you hear the phrase “Taking our streets back”, it conjures up visions of vigilantes taking on gangs of street thugs. Open your mind for a few minutes and consider a few things going on in the world today, and how relevant this phrase is to the greedy corporate suits who have had their fingers in the till for far to long.

Our nation’s Commander in Chief is depending on us to send a message to big business, that we are going to take Wall Street back. No longer will we accept the unacceptable. Congress  needs to work as a Family and draft a Bill of reform for the President to sign to save us from ourselves, and our own greed.

Take Our Streets Back. Stand with our President to pass Financial Reform.


Urban Renewal

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Urban Renewal brings thoughts to most peoples minds of rebuilding cities, restoring them. Putting money into blighted areas that need an economic boost.

I have a different perspective on Urban Renewal, and I would like to share that with you.

Urban Renewal can also mean a rejuvenation of a community. Lending a helping hand to a neighbor who is suffering. How many times have we caught ourselves gossiping with others over coffee about someone’s misfortune? I know I am guilty of it.  Instead of  needless chatter we should take the attitude of  renewal. Our neighbor’s problem today could very well be our problem tomorrow.

Taking pride in ourselves and doing the next right thing our the foundations of a strong nation. Urban Renewal doesn’t begin with big grants, it begins with us.

A Word On Family

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My autistic son Matthew woke up this morning with a smile on his face and decided he wanted to talk about family. ” Mommy,” he began,” we are all going to be one big happy family.”  This intrigued me, so I asked him what he meant.  He went on to talk about his older sister who is married with a teething baby, her husband, my daughter’s in-laws and my good friends and their children who are helping my sister and I through a difficult time our family is facing right now.  This was a huge milestone for Matthew, as he has a hard time allowing people into his world. Today he is able to appreciate kindness, and accept love.

Matthew made me think about America and it’s origins when he told me that Family is the people who love you. This country was founded from not just one family, but groups of people who worked together to form this great country of ours. They overcame adversity together in those early years, and we can do it again today.

America is my family, and I love all of you.

God Bless The Child Who Has His Own

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Unfortunately with the recent tragedy that has struck an already economically troubled Louisiana Gulf area it is hard to say God Bless The Child who Has his Own. Their way of life was already turned upside down by natural disaster a few years back, and humanitarian efforts were sought to help them, and rightfully so. No Human Power could have prevented the outcome of Hurricane Katrina and her wrath.

Corporate Greed and Carelessness is quite a different story. Big Businessmen aren’t going to lose their homes or watch their children go hungry. They won’t have to apply for Federal Food Assistance Programs. Working men and women are proud. It is a good feeling to touch the wall of your house and say, “This is my wall. I own this house.” It is an even better feeling to know that you have the money to buy groceries for your children. The oil spill in the gulf has not only robbed America financially, but mentally, and spiritually. It has cut our families to their core moral fiber.

The Peace Keeper

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Today was my brother Richard’s birthday. We all called him Bubba. He was a good man, worked hard, served his country for eight years in Germany and was the one who kept the peace amongst us girls. Poor Bubba.

My sister and I have been feuding lately, forgetting what is really important in life. Behaving as if we were two adolescents fighting for control over the bathroom. Insanity.

Soldiers are Freedom Fighters, and Bubba was one today. Late this evening I asked my sister to take me to his grave, and without hesitation she agreed.

She knelt at his graveside and pulled the weeds and grass from around his marker, and from his neighboring veteran a gentleman who had served his country in World War II. We sang Happy Birthday to him, she gave him a cigarette, and we embraced and cried. We talked about how he used to keep the peace in our home, and saved us from insanity in our wild youth.

I salute you Pvt 2 Ricard N. Mulkey, and all Freedom Fighters and Peace Keepers that came before you and after you and that are still to come. Soldiers never die. Honor is forever.