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Joe’s Testimonial

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It was in the late 1980s in a small town not far from New York City, was born a cute baby.
As the child grew up he had a regular childhood,  but one thing was very noticeable on the kid (will call him joe) he always tried to make sure that everybody around him should see him as a MAN. He studied martial arts, body building, etc, BUT what really was behind all that stuff, is a ”DIRTY SLAVE” who craves to be controlled and to be 100% dominated by his Mistress……….it took time till he was able to admit to him self that he’s a worthless piece of shit and is not worthy of pleasure or anything else! And the only thing he’s good for is ”pleasing his mistress”

After instance search for his mistress
He found ‘Mistress Rosie’!!!
He immediately knew that this is HIS mistress he has to serve! And he caved!!!!!!

Dear mistress:
The story is a true story, and its about me!

I am your slave and you own me and you have the power to do with me as you please! 

I already crossed 5 lines I never thought I would ever cross. for you! 

I love my mistress


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Exceptional Erotic Poetry..xx

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Home Sweet Home (this is an excerpt only from my soon to be completed Erotic Horror Poery Collection, Tales from City Noir).


Home sweet Home!


hours minutes

seconds days

in China town, now

nearly home..


Typed the code

the door opens

the emptiness of my apartment mocks me

as it always does

when I get home

from a night out

or a night on the job.

hours minutes

seconds days


No sound.

Drab mid afternoon light

smudged by thick curtains

made the lounge room

and the kitchenette

like some tomb hidden from the world

dishes still in the sink

I hadn’t clean the ashtray

or opened a window in days


couldn’t remember the

last time I was here

still so groggy from the hospital

all those stupid, inane questions

from the Coppers, from the press…

how long had I been walking those

streets for a…

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I Adore You…xx

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To adore someone, what does that mean?  To be completely enamored with them, to worship the ground they walk on. To see beauty in them, often times when no one else sees the beauty that you see.  The word “Adore” to me is actually the most romantic word in the global language there is, and it works on me everytime.

I adore many thing though. I adore the way my children listen to me. The way my daughter mothers her daughter, and the way my oldest son works hard for his paycheck.

I also adore the way my friends adore me.

I adore good music, and well written books, and movies.

I adore My Freedom and those who fight for it.

As Frankie Valli says, “My Eyes Adore you”…xx